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The Only Online Reputation Marketing System You’ll Ever Need!

Your company’s reputation is important. You’ve spent the time and money creating a business structure, and you have invested quite a bit of your efforts. If you don’t create a solid reputation for your business, you’ll never reach a point where you can sit back, relax, and watch the business come in on its own. All it takes is one negative review to damage your company’s reputation.

But we can help.

Unlike other companies out there that just manage or monitor, we offer a turn-key solution that helps you market your reputation, build it and manage it across the web. We strive to create a 5-star reputation for every customer we have so that the only reputation you have online is a solid one.


Reputation Marketing Should Be Your #1 Priority

You need a 5-star reputation online. It doesn’t matter how great your SEO is, your social media status or how you get people to visit your website. All customers care about is the reputation of the company they are working with. If your reputation isn’t solid, they aren’t going to work with you. Bottom line.

Did you know that 87 percent of people look online and research a business before they buy? 52 percent of those people check out online reviews first. If you have a negative review, you could be losing up to half of your potential customers.

Most business owners fail to realize the importance of a positive reputation. But City Web can help monitor and create a 5-star reputation that puts all of your other marketing tactics to good use.

of people look online and research a business

of those people check out online reviews first

The Five Points of a Positive Reputation

  • Range – All you need is a few positive reviews online to get your 5-star rating on the move.
  • Real – Client reviews need to be posted. While it might be tempting to write your own reviews or hire someone to do it for you, it is more important to get real, genuine reviews from people who care about your company and want to help it succeed.
  • Recent – Reviews need to be up to date because these weigh better with not only search engines, but the people that are reading them.
  • Quantity – It is all about a consistent quality of reviews, not quantity. 100 4-star reviews are not as important as three 5-star reviews.
  • Quality – The higher the reviews are that you receive, the better your online reputation will be.

How City Web Company Can Help

We use a proprietary process that helps grow your company and establish your business as a leader in the industry.

Step 1

We build your online reputation. We’ll collect online reviews, monitor all of the review sites out there and download reviews we find into an organized database. You’ll be able to access that database too, so you can see what people from around the world are saying about your company.

Step 2

We will market your reputation online through social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more!

Step 3

We’ll manage your online reputation. Our unique monitoring system instantly alerts you every time there is a review posted about your company — whether it is positive or negative.

Step 4

We help encourage a five-star reputation culture. We’ll educate your staff, inspire and train your team and help them understand what encourages customers to leave positive reviews every time. By teaching your team how to foster a 5-star reputation environment, you can guarantee a better review from your customers.

How It Works

We create a feedback page for you so that that customers have a place to tell you about their experiences with you, your products and any services you might offer. That feedback is sent directly to you and your team for review so that you have time to implement changes where necessary. We’ll create Alerts and Reports and send them to you and your staff. We’ll also redirect your customers to an online review site where they can share their experiences and help your reputation grow.

Next, we take all of your feedback and reviews and integrate them into our reputation marketing system. We’ll publish them on your website, social media profiles and more so that people see you are an industry leader they can trust.


What’s Included with Our Reputation Marketing Service

When you sign up with us, you’ll receive access to robust reputation management services and features that include:


Custom Feedback Page

This is where customers go to leave their reviews and feedback. It works as a filter taking away negative and positive. Positive reviews are instantly syndicated across the web, while negative reviews are sent back to you so you have the opportunity to correct what was wrong with that customer’s experience.


Custom Media Center

This $2,000 valued tool is yours free with your reputation marketing plan. You’ll download review cards, table tents, flyers and even postcards that you can send to customers to encourage them to provide you with feedback and reviews online.


Custom Employee Training

We teach your team how to manage customers and foster a 5-star reputation environment. Our training features seven videos and a quiz so you know that your employees not only completed the training, but succeeded in learning.

The Foundation of an Excellent Campaign Starts with Superior Reputation Marketing

City Web is the only online reputation management and marketing system you’ll ever need. We do it all, and we help bring you to the customers that are interested in using your services. Sign up today!

Your reputation is all you have to succeed. Let us help you be the star of your industry today.

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Includes: Reputation Monitoring, Reputation Management, Reputation Marketing, Reputation Training & More!

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Insurance Agencies

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Massage Therapists




Salons & Spas

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